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Resources on Effective Interagency Transition Teaming

NCSET Guide - This Essential Tool from the National Center for Secondary Education and Transition is designed to guide the coordination efforts of people working at the grassroots level up through the state government. 

CEC's DCDT FAST FACTS: Interagency Collaboration - This publication from the Division of Career Development and Transition describes essential program characteristics for Interagency collaboration; application to Teachers, Administrators, Families; and where to go for additional Information.

Interagency Collaboration Introduction Module (free online course) - This module includes information, videos, surveys, and interactive activities to help you build or strengthen your interagency team. Session 1: Overview of Interagency Collaboration. Session 2: Interagency Teams & Team Members. Session 3: Strategies for Facilitating Interagency Teams. (Free, but need to create an account).

Interagency Collaboration Introduction Modules (5) (free online course)- This module defines and discusses the purpose of interagency collaboration and addresses the importance of partnering with agencies to improve outcomes for students with disabilities who are transitioning from high school (est. completion time: 2 hours, free, no account needed).

Shrewsbury Interagency Transition Team Webinar  (video) - This 50 minute video provides information on starting and sustaining an Interagency Team. It is from the perspective of Transition Teachers in the Shrewsbury School District, who have been facilitating a Transition Team for over 6 years. 

Transition Teaming: 26 Strategies for Interagency Collaboration - This book provides strategies for special educators to build collaborative relationships with service agencies and others in the community to provide transition services. 26 strategies are broken down into specific activities to bring the needed groups and individuals to the table.

Starting A Successful Interagency Transition Team: Tips from Massachusetts Interagency Teams - Members of The MPTE Cross-Systems Collaboration Workgroup interviewed several long-standing interagency teams. Based on these interviews, they identified 5 steps to establishing a successful interagency transition team.

Working Together for Student Success: Massachusetts Interagency Transition Teams Workshop - Power Point slides and full recordings of the May 19th and 26th workshops.

May 19th - Slides ; Full Recorded Presentation
May 26th - Slides; Full recorded Presentation